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Elder Care Simplified!

At Eldricare, we understand the helplessness and anxiety associated with living away from aging loved ones due to unavoidable circumstances. Eldricare is an elder health management company that combines innovative technology with compassionate care.

Our care programs are designed to effectively engage them by personalizing the care experience, for they are people, not conditions. We are committed to helping you be a part of your loved ones’ journey far from home.

Eldricare Elder Care Simplified
Eldricare Health Approach

Our Approach

Continuous monitoring
Constant engagement
Customized care
Eldricare Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Virtual Engagement Activities
Holistic Healthcare
Doorstep services
Hospitalization Management
Post Discharge Care

Our success story

Our outcomes are measured beyond the traditional reduction in clinical indicators, by improving the quality of life


Reduction in HbA1c levels


Average reduction in body weight


Reduction in Bad Cholesterol, LDL


Increase in Good Cholesterol, HDL

* Results varies from person to person based on adherence.


Our members love us and you will too

“My mother doesn’t live with me, so taking care of her was much more difficult before your company stepped in. Because your team encouraged her to go get tests, we found out that her blood sugar was extremely high. The suggested diets, advice, and medicines induced a positive impact. We also appreciate the level of personalization your company offers.”

Laya Raj
Corporate Employee, Bengaluru

“Thanks to your regular dedication to maintaining our parents’ health, even at the time of the pandemic, we can focus on our work instead of constantly calling them for health updates. They even send photos of delicious meals, as suggested by your dietician! We love the mutual understanding and respect of your dedicated team.”

Vishnu Ramakrishna
Corporate Employee, Mysuru

“This is a beautiful program, with courteous, polite, and patient employees. The program’s suggested diets and lifestyle changes, make me feel clear and positive, and I definitely feel like a new and improved person!”

Cyrill Joseph
A Father’s experience, Mangalore

“The program gives me immense happiness and satisfaction. All my needs are taken care of, and I no longer feel lethargic and lonely. I feel enthusiastic and energetic, throughout the day!”

Lathika Uthappa
A Mother’s experience, Madikeri

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

I am a senior citizen, can I enroll with Eldricare?

Absolutely! Eldricare is a system that facilitates health management for the elderly. The beneficiaries are not only the elders we take care of, but also their children, and their families. The service aims to reduce worrying for all three parties with extensive care packages.

Will there be a nurse as soon as I enroll myself/my parents with your program?

Our personalized services include routine ongoing disease management, diet counseling & mental wellness counseling based on the individual’s conditions. We also provide additional services such as at-home nursing and service deliveries, at a reasonable price.

Will I receive timely updates about my parents’ health?

Yes! Regular health updates will be shared with you by Eldricare, through your preferred mode of communication (call, email, or text messaging, including WhatsApp). You will also be sent reminders or alerts so that you can respond effectively and immediately.

I live in the same city as my parents, can I still enroll them?

Absolutely! Our disease management services have an outcome-based approach, and we also provide much-needed assistance across the healthcare spectrum, including ambulatory services, hospitalization management, health record management, and others. We also offer prompt services such as lab tests and medicine delivery, that can be availed from the comfort of their home.

Can I cancel my service, and avail of a refund?
  • In the event of the unfortunate demise or an extended relocation to a foreign country, we refund the remaining amount, after deducting the cost of services till that period.
  • If a member is dissatisfied with our services, we will try to address the concerns, and if we still fail to resolve the issue, we will provide a refund of the balance amount.
What happens in the event of an emergency?

If any medical emergency arises, we take care of all possible arrangements, such as ALS (Advanced Life-saving Ambulance), and hospital bed reservation. We also share a clinical summary with the hospital, for the continuation of the treatment.

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